Adnan Al Mulla among trainees
KFH trains employees on basics of Islamic economy

The Development and Research Unit Manager at Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Adnan Al-Mulla stated that the supervisory and legislative Fatwa authorities at banks and financial institutions seek to reinforce the culture of Islamic economy in the employees, who serve as a link between the bank and the clients through services and products offered by the employees who represent the bank.

He explained that KFH relies on Shariah in its training policy, and that the employee gradually studies the tools and principles of Islamic economy. He went on to say that KFH’s method in increasing the economic Shariah culture includes the study and emerge of Islamic economy, the development of its phases, the establishing of Islamic banks including KFH, the tools used in Islamic financing, and Shariah issues.

Such a method was supervised by elite scholars from overseas, in addition to the members of the Fatwa and Legislative Authority, which is the authority responsible for ensuring that those institutions abide by Shariah. He went on to say that Shariah tools include Murabaha, Ijarah, speculations, and other banking, real estate and investment tools, such as shares, sukuk, funds, Istisnaa and others.

Moreover, Al-Mulla mentioned that KFH continuously holds training courses for its employees, and asserted that KFH’s Shariah training has played a role in establishing a domestic and regional Islamic economy school. KFH has also managed to train Kuwaiti youths to teach those training courses after many years of preparation, which will positively affect other financial institutions.

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