Visa transfer from Article 20 to 18

I am looking for some information on transfer from Visa No. 20 to Visa No. 18.

* Which companies/establishments can change this visa No. 20 to 18?

* If the sponsor has a company, would it be possible to change it to 18 which comes under same sponsor?

Would there be any specific time that we should submit the papers for the Shoun to accept such a transfer?

Is there any legal procedure to do this other than influence (Wasta)?

Name withheld

The only way that you can change from Article 20 to Article 18 is if your sponsor has a company. You can transfer to Article 18 while retaining the same sponsor. There is no time limit for such a transfer.

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possibleSrivi | 11/25/2010 9:17:10 AM 1) sponsor or sponsor's family, relatives, brother,sisters, have companies, you can change, easily. 2) No time frame. You can apply at any number of years / months, worked in visa.20. (3) Wastaa discussion is out of scope, in public forum. No need wastaa, for this kind of work. (4) Ask only legal procedures in Legal Clinic, in public forums. Possible, try ur luck, to transfer your visa.
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