Parliament extensively debates on issues of national unity, graft Al-Adwah criticizes govt’s decision to recall envoy to Jordan

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 3: The Parliament on Wednesday continued discussion on the Amiri speech and debated extensively on the issues of national unity and corruption.
Referring to the discord and strife which affected national unity, MP Daifullah Buramiya said it is not a recent development and alleged that some lawmakers are causing strife and that the government is feeding it by not enforcing laws and regulations. He went on to say that Undersecretary at the Ministry of Information refused to close a TV channel which aired a malicious program. Buramiya also commented on the Scope TV channel, saying “I think it is the government which helped the channel get back on air.”
Meanwhile, Musallam Al-Barrak accused the government of doing nothing to protect national unity and added that there is strife among members of the ruling family. He also alleged that the government is sponsoring the corrupt media.
In his response, Minister of Information Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah said Scope TV channel has been given a deadline of two months to appoint a new manager who holds a university degree; otherwise, its license would be revoked. “We have also consulted the Fatwa and Legislation Department in this regard,” he added.
Furthermore, MP Khalid Al-Adwah criticized the government’s decision to recall Kuwait’s Ambassador to Jordan Sheikh Faisal, saying “it is a big disappointment and matter of shame to the ruling family.” The government suspended the ambassador and his brother from work, but left those who were instrumental in creating the problem, he said, adding “unfortunately, the corrupt media has become a bigger state than the State.”
MP Falah Al-Sawagh said the government failed to implement law on satellite channels including Scope TV, which had attacked our national unity. “Strangely, it dismissed Faisal Al-Malik from his ambassadorial post but allowed Scope TV to re-operate,” he noted.
Mohammed Hayef said the infringement on national security has reached to a point that Iranian flag is printed on tissue packets produced and packaged by the Ministry of Oil, and the Iranian flag is being raised in Kuwait Army. “All this calls for an intense investigation,” he said. He also mentioned that Iran does not allow the establishing of Sunni mosques in Tehran and added that Head of the Revolutionary Guard built a shrine for Abu Lu’lu’ Al-Majusi who killed Omar Bin Khattab, the second Caliph after Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).
MP Saleh Ashour responded to the comment, saying even Saudi Arabia does not permit the building of mosques for Shiites, and urged Hayef not to interfere in the affairs of other countries.
Moreover, MP Musallam Al-Barrak threatened to grill HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah in case he went ahead with the deal of purchasing two cargo planes for Amiri Diwan. His colleague Adel Al-Saraawi agreed, saying “the prime minister should bear responsibility if this deal goes through.”
Al-Barrak alleged that an opportunist had bought the two planes and that the Prime Minister, during his trip abroad, approved the purchase. “So the opportunist went to the army and asked it to pass the deal. One Kuwaiti man was also involved in the whole operation and one of the involved would benefit KD 500 million if the deal goes through. I want to tell the Prime Minister that if he makes the Amiri Diwan bear the costs of the planes, he will stand on the podium,” threatened Al-Barrak.
In response to all these allegations, the government Spokesperson and State Minister for National Assembly Affairs Mohammed Al-Baseeri said the Prime Minister would never allow any violations and has never facilitated the transactions of any opportunists, as claimed by Al-Barrak. He added that all important decisions are taken by committees in the Cabinet.
He clarified that no cargo plane has been bought and that only certain procedures are being taken in the tenders committee. “The government is committed to tender regulations. I challenge lawmakers to bring evidence on the purchase of any such plane,” he stated.
Meanwhile, 25 MPs presented a proposal suggesting the Parliamentary Public Funds Protection Committee be assigned the task of investigating two issues: (1) The willingness of the Ministry of Defense or any other government body to buy two cargo planes of the type mentioned by a lawmaker during the discussion on Amiri address. (2) Requests on giving up properties and parks in accordance with Municipal Council decisions No. 10, 11/2009 and Cabinet’s decisions No. 767 and 24/2010.

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