Mohammad Al Jallal
KFH focuses on paradigm recruitment, not quantitative Rate of Kuwait’s employees 63%; accredited professional degrees exceed 291

The Human Resources and Services Department Manager at Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Mohammed Al-Jallal announced that KFH’s recruitment strategy focuses on paradigm recruitment, not quantitative, which allows KFH to recruit competent and specialized employees and thus making them an added value to all of the bank’s sectors. He added that the employees are continuously exposed to paradigm training programs, which meets KFH’s local and overseas expansion strategy as a global banking institution that offers its products and services in many markets around the world, in addition to increasing the competition among the Islamic banking sector.
He went on to say in a press statement such a recruitment concept led to the fact that KFH has the most highly trained and qualified employees in the field of Islamic banking locally and globally, not to mention creating a warm and encouraging work environment that results in extreme loyalty among KFH’s employees.
He mentioned that KFH the employees at KFH work for many long years, since they believe that KFH represents an opportunity to improve their skills and meet their ambitions, not as a platform to move to other institutions, according to KFH’s market monitoring, which makes KFH the focal point for all ambitious graduates. It is worth noting that KFH receives every year more than 6000 job application and selects the suitable employees according to the market requirements.
Moreover, Al-Jallal said that the number of employees who carry PhDs and Masters from international universities, such as Harvard and other European and American universities, is 2% of the total number of employees, which is a high percentage for financial and banking institutions.
He also said that the number of university graduates among KFH employees is 62%, which reveals the academic dimension of KFH’s human resources. In addition to that, the accredited professional degrees have exceeded 291 degrees in various bank businesses. He mentioned that KFH managed to blend accumulative experience with the scientific approach, not to mention the technical and Shariah issues, which resulted in skilful employees.
Furthermore, he remarked that KFH has caused a paradigm shift in its training process through implementing advanced technology, which is embodied by electronic learning that allows employees to benefit from prestigious international training programs that are approved by major training institutions. He mentioned that the department reviews the success rates in those programs and that around 314 employees benefitted in 2009 through electronically offering them 150 educational subjects out of 300 that were agreed upon, whereas KFH aims to increase the number of employees who benefit from such a service to 600, in addition to increasing the subjects.
Al-Jallal mentioned that in addition to the training programs, the employees have access to around 7000 international books, not to mention specialized lectures and conferences in the field of training 24 hours a day, which saves time and money. Al-Jallal also announced that KFH recruited more than 400 employees in the past 2 years while prioritizing the recruitment of Kuwaitis who reached 63% of total KFH employees. He went on to say that the bank aims to increase the number of Kuwaiti employees while developing its current staff.
It is worth noting that there are 33 nationalities working at KFH, and that those employees are the most skilful bankers in their countries. He added that KFH attempts to recruit young competent employees from accredited and prestigious universities, and does not wait for those potential candidates to apply for a job.

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