Dictators have similar hands

THE Iranian administration issues new slogans and threats daily, making us realize that history is repeating itself, but the difference lies in the language used, not the methods. This was evident in the announcement, made by Iranian Revolution-ary Naval Head Guard Ali Foudi, that the Gulf leadership is in the hands of Iran.

It seems this man is repeating the statement of Saddam Hussein 20 years ago.  However, this does not mean that warriors and dictators think the same way but his words surely raised fears of the enmity Iran is planning in this region.

If Saddam translated his slogans into the most brutal crime ever seen when he invaded Kuwait, then which country is near Iran that Tehran intends to invade?  The entire world no longer accepts the cruel adventures of an organization crippled by arrogance, short-sightedness and failure to realize that the changes over the last two decades have hindered some groups from going around the law.
Coupled with the fact that the statements of the Iranian leader cannot be interpreted as any other thing than a threat against neighboring countries, this is also an effort to impose an invading leadership on the Arabian Gulf which Iran — before anyone — knows that it is not a negotiable domain for the expansion project of any dictator.

Since 1979, the Iranian language has not changed.  It only got tougher due to Iran’s arrogance in the last few years, especially after Tehran revived its stupid nuclear program. It started to work on retrograding everything at a time when hunger put Iran on the list of the most corrupt and poor countries in the world.  This only points to the fact that the Iranian ruling junta is nowhere near reasoning or actualizing its expansion dreams. What are we going to call the revolution that has brought nothing to its people but hunger, destruction, corruption and war over the last three decades?

The leadership of the Gulf belongs to the Arab.  Iran has no leadership right on even a drop of water in the Gulf, because the land overlooking it is an occupied territory and Tehran knows this.  The dictatorship’s end is known.

The whole world does not give importance to the Iranian noise on its alleged acquisition of advanced weapons, military strategies, or even the mass graves prepared by these reckless people.  Saddam’s example and his rule are like dynamo stones entrenched in our memories.  The Iranian leadership should learn its lesson before it’s too late.

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By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah - Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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