Homemade eye wash
Homemade eye wash

 Homemade eyewash can be used to treat allergic eyes, or to stop itching. Some practitioners of holistic medicine also tout homemade eyewash as a way to relieve tired or strained eyes or to make eyes seems refreshed in those who are tired.

Simple recipe for homemade eyewash is to boil one cup of water with one teaspoon of salt. This liquid can then be used alone as both an eyewash and a nasal rinse.

Another homemade eyewash is a simple mixture of green tea and distilled water. Add two parts of brewed green tea to one part of water. This is thought to make the eyes feel refreshed and cooler if they are itchy or irritated.

None of these homemade products should be kept for more than a day or two, since they have no natural preservatives and may introduce bacteria to the eye.

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