Kuwait Labor Laws do not apply for FMS contract

I work for an American Defense Contractor on a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Contract. MoD is the sponsor of the work visa and residence. After twelve plus years the company is now saying that because we work on an FMS contract, the Kuwait Labor Laws do not apply to us. Could you please verify if this is true?

Name withheld

It is not because of the FMS contract that the Labor Laws don’t apply to you. It is because the contract is of MoD (Ministry of Defense). These labour laws are for the private sector only and the government ministries work under their own rules, mostly special contracts. So it is true that the Kuwait Labor Laws don’t apply to you.


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MoD exempted categorySrivi | 7/17/2010 10:01:35 AM Ministry of defence is an exempted category, special category laws. No other laws interfere in affairs of MOD as per constitution of any country. It has its own laws and rules, implementations. better consult with MOD labour dept, not private sector labour dept.
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