Humoud warned against change in curriculum over ‘controversy’ Grilling threats made against education minister

KUWAIT CITY, June 27: Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mudhi Al-Humoud is under intense parliamentary pressure and already threats of grilling are being made after reports emerged that she met Islamic Studies’ instructors and requested them not to ask students their comments on those offending the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) or about those who pray in cemeteries, besides her call to cancel these topics from the curriculum, reports Al-Shahid daily.
The whole controversy surrounds a ninth grade Islamic Studies question paper which allegedly included questions on controversial subjects.
MP Ali Al-Ameer warned the minister against messing with the curriculum and changing it. He asked her not to listen to the dissonant voices whose hatred towards the companions of Prophet (PBUH) is no longer hidden.

Furthermore, MP Faisal Al-Muslim warned the minister against changing the curriculum for “political pleasing and settling of accounts.” While MP Mohammed Hayef said respecting the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) and forbidding of seeking assistance from the dead instead of God is a major part of the nation’s religious values. “Cancelling it from the curriculum is a crime and a threat to the nation’s belief,” he added.
Meanwhile, MP Yousef Al-Zalzalah hoped educational issues are left to experts since they know better what benefits the country and unites its people. “Let us stick to HH the Amir’s advice on not raising sedition. If anyone has a different opinion, he or she should clarify it with the specialized people, not expose it in the media,” he added.

Meanwhile, lawmaker Naji Al-Abdulhadi has forwarded a question to Minister of Education and Higher Education Mudhi Al-Humoud on the alleged leakage of examination questions for different educational levels in public schools, reports Al-Seyassah daily.
Al-Abdulhadi pointed out reports on the leakage of examination questions in the secondary stage have surfaced more than once since the appointment of Al-Humoud. He argued this phenomenon violates the principles of equality among students and reflects negatively on the examination results.
Since the issue has been referred to the Public Prosecution and due to its repetition, Al-Abdulhadi wants to know what procedures were taken by the prosecution on the alleged leakage of examination questions in the secondary stage during school year 2008/2009.

He inquired about the steps taken by the ministry against the people behind the leakage. “Are they still working at the ministry? What measures have been taken to prevent the recurrence of the problem in the future? Is it true that some of the answers to the examination questions this year were given to students in exchange for money?” the lawmaker asked. He also urged the minister to provide the necessary documents to substantiate her response to the queries.
On the other hand, MP Dr Jamaan Al-Harbash has also directed a question to the minister on the justifications for the cancellation of questions related to the judgment of offending the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) and grave prayers.

“What are the reasons for the cancellation of some questions from the Islamic Studies examination? Was this decision based on the instructions of higher officials, personal decision of the minister, or based on a report from the people in charge at the ministry? What are the justifications of the minister’s sudden meeting with the Islamic Studies guides in the presence of the higher education undersecretary? Please provide minutes of the meeting,” Al-Harbash added.
Al-Harbash also demanded a detailed report on the number of cases in which the ministry has taken sudden decisions on the cancellation of some questions from the final exams, indicating each subject and date of examination. He wants to know the truth behind the cancellation of all topics related to offending the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) and grave prayers, starting from academic year 2010/2011.

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