Home remedies for dark knuckles
Home remedies for dark knuckles

 Dark knuckles are a common occurrence and require adequate skin care to treat them. Hands are exposed to various external factors such as detergents, cosmetics and weather changes. These damaging elements can cause skin discoloration and dryness.
Before you go in for a bath cut a fresh lemon in two halves and rub these on the dark spots of your knuckles, with the lemon pulp pressing on the spots. Let the juice stay on the knuckles for five minutes. Wash it with water and apply almond oil to the knuckles. Massage well into the skin and leave on for 10 minutes. While bathing scrub the knuckles gently with the use of a loufah sponge. Use this method three times a week for a period of eight weeks or till such a time you notice a visible difference that the skin has lightened.

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