Indemnity Calculation as per New Labor Law

 How can we calculate indemnity as per the new Kuwait Labour Law?

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Answer: According to Article 51 of the new Kuwait Labour Law an employee has right to receive end of service pay as follows:

Hour/daily wage: The worker gets indemnity equal to 10 days salary every year during the first five years, and 15 days the following years. Total payment should not be more than one-year salary for employees who get paid on daily, weekly, hourly or per job basis.

Monthly-wage employees: Indemnity of 15 days for the first five years, and one month salary for the following years. Total payment should not be more than the one-year and half salary for employees paid on monthly basis.

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Calculation of leave pay and indemnityMohammad Ilyas | 3/17/2010 8:02:36 AM Assalam. I like to ask, whether that leave pay and indemnity is calculated on basic salery or on total salery, such as car allowance.
INDEMINITY CALCULATIONajit mathai | 3/16/2010 3:49:13 PM as mentioned above, when a staff resigns less that 1 year in the company will be be eligible for the ideminity as per article 53 of the new law.
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