Oatmeal and milk best natural skin cleansers

While I personally don’t find this topic conducive or fashionable, many people have asked, and so I am writing this because of them, not because I believe in this topic. I am writing this disclaimer because while there are many people all over the world, particularly in some second and third world countries, who, in this modern day and age, still feel that whiter skin is better, more beautiful, or whatever, I don’t necessarily subscribe to this way of thinking.
I think people should be happy with whatever color their skin is, whether it is white or brown. White people are forever baking in the sun and risking skin cancer for the bronze look, and darker people are forever risking skin problems (including cancer) in order to do various chemical treatments in order to lighten the skin.
I know, I know, the grass is always greener on the other side, but this is ridiculous. So, today I’m talking about natural ways to lighten your skin. But, I still reiterate that your best look is always going to be the one that God gave you, so be proud of it, whatever it is.
For those who insist that they want to lighten their skins, obviously, chemical methods are not ideal and can be quite dangerous. I’ll never forget the sight of a young soon-to-be-married girl who suffered burns all over her body because of a whitening treatment that she was doing in a salon. Basically what was being done was a full body treatment with hydrogen peroxide. Yes, the same stuff that is used to bleach hair out. You know how it dries out and ruins your hair. Well, it does pretty much the same thing to your skin, and often worse.
Rather than do chemical whitening treatments, if you absolutely insist on doing any kind of whitening treatment, at least make it a safe one. There are some herbs and other natural things out there that act as skin lighteners. At the very least these naturally occurring herbs, etc are not dangerous and don’t cause problems to the skin or the internal organs. They are perfectly safe and perfectly easy to use. They may or may not be easy for you to acquire, but if worse comes to worse you can always order them from the Internet.
One of the best skin clarifiers and whiteners is simple oatmeal. Yes indeed, it’s good for both our outsides and insides too. Oatmeal is soothing for the innards, as it coats the digestive system with its soothing constituents. On the outside it does the same thing. It soothes the skin, but it also lightens it. If you want to enhance the whitening effects you can always add other ingredients, such as yogurt, cream, milk, etc. Everyone has most likely heard of the amazing milk baths that Cleopatra used to take to keep her skin creamy white. Remember that milk contains lactic acid, which turns out to be some super strong dead skin dissolver. You know it has the same stuff that people pay tons of money for in modern day cosmetics (alpha hydroxyl acid). That is the stuff that helps to keep your skin super supple and young looking.
Some people like to add finely ground dried lemon peel or rose petals, or lemon juice, and others like to turn the whole concoction into a kind of scrub/mask by adding shelled, ground almonds. When using oatmeal, you can use whole rolled oats, or you can grind up the oatmeal into a fine powder, which is much easier to use. You don’t need much of the oatmeal though, because it expands a lot in water. Just keep on adding warm or hot water (or milk), little by little and stirring it all the while, adding whatever additional ingredients you wish to add, until you get a smooth paste. Make sure that it’s not too dry and not too watery, or you won’t get the results that you want. Then leave the whole thing to cool down (this is particularly important if you made it with hot boiling water), adding more liquid if necessary after it cools.
When it is ready you can spread it over your face, hands, armpits, knees, elbows, or any other darkened area that is bothering you, or even over your entire body. Leave it on until it gets almost completely dry, and then wash it off with warm water, using a washcloth to help remove it, if it’s not coming off easily. If you want to use the mix as a scrub/mask, then you will want to massage it all over your face, body, etc, before letting it dry, to help to slough off all of those dead skin cells that you hate so much and that give your skin that sickly grey, old, tired, unhealthy look that no one likes, no matter what the color or age of the original skin is. You see, this mix isn’t only for darker skins, but for all skins and all ages. Who wants to have dead skin cells hanging on and crowding out the air and sun of the new ones?
Of course there are other ways to get similar benefits too. For example, here in Kuwait, practically every salon, spa, or health institute has some kind of skin sloughing treatment. Some places call it “Moroccan Bath”, some call it “Iranian Bath”, and others have different names for it, but the basic idea is the same: that you will get a super scrub from head to toe. These treatments are fairly inexpensive and are done practically everywhere. In my clinic we used to do a treatment called a salt and lemon glow. That treatment makes people feel so refreshed and invigorated that they feel like they just exercised. It’s great for the circulation of the blood, and great for the rejuvenation of the skin. The great thing is that it’s so easy that you can do it yourself at home without much trouble at all. Stay tuned next week, and we will tell you how to make your own salt and lemon glow treatment in your own home.

By: Mia Ponzo

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